Summer Solstice Extravaganza with Dana Hot Yoga and the Kalyana Center

We at the Tea Room just love to honor the official changing the seasons with somewhat lavish celebrations in order to reiterate our goals towards health, self-care, community building, and positive relationships.  Last summer’s solstice event with Tea Room friend and neighbor Dana Hot Yoga was the second biggest fundraiser for Cynwyd Station Park (after the native plant sale and craft fair), and the enlightened yoginis are coming back this Sunday, June 21st, with their 108 sun salutation series!  It will be magical.  $10 suggested donation, as usual, benefits Cynwyd Station Park.  starts at 10am.  bring a yoga mat and your badass self.
Afterwords, we have a lovely surprise visit and Ayurveda talk with my friend Joanna.  Happy happy Solstice!
Celebrating the Solstice with Ayurveda!  12 Noon 21 June 2015 – 1 hour
Dr. Joanna Carmichael, RN, BSN
Ayurveda means the “wisdom of life”.  And as a sister science of yoga, we take yoga off the mat and into our lives with Ayurveda to help guide our lifestyle choices to create more harmony, balance and health. The Solstice is an excellent time to learn about the cycles of the doshas (constitutional types) and how to bring balance at the height of the heat.
You will learn how to determine your constitutional mind-body type as well as how to make healthy choices in harmony with your unique nature.  You will also learn how the daily, seasonal and energetic influences can contribute to imbalance or wellness and some simple, yet effective tips for dealing with the rhythms of the changing seasons.

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